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Clinical Neuropsychology & Psychotherapy
Fluent in Mandarin & Cantonese

Dr. Judy Hsieh is a licensed clinical psychologist with experiences in neuropsychological testing and psychotherapy. She received her PhD. in clinical psychology from Alliant International University.

Dr. Hsieh received trainings at Veteran’s Administration and Medical Center of San Francisco (Neuropsychology and Health Psychology), San Francisco General Hospital (Depression Clinic) and Richmond Area Multi-Services. Dr. Judy Hsieh has worked with monolingual and bilingual Mandarin-speaking, and Cantonese-speaking populations in Hong Kong, Beijing, San Francisco, Bay Area as well as the rest of California.

Dr. Hsieh has a special interest in working with Asians and monolingual Chinese-speaking clients. The services provided by Dr. Judy Hsieh include neuropsychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic assessment, forensic psychological assessment, and outpatient psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families in areas such as educational evaluation, ADHD, learning disabilities, traumatic head injury and memory (dementia) problems.

Dr. Hsieh presently conducts private practice for California clients.