Dr. Judy Hsieh Neuropsychologist
Ni Hao.

Dr. Judy Hsieh is a neurosychologist who is Mandarin-speaking and Cantonese-speaking. She has a special interest in using psychological tests which are developed for either monolingual, or bilingual Chinese population so that the results are most relevant to the client's specific background. Please click on "extras" on the sidebar to see the abstract of one of her recent publications.

You are welcome to communicate with Dr. Judy Hsieh in either Mandarin, or Cantonese. You may also fax your questions in Chinese to Dr. Judy Hsieh at (408) 973-1253.

Please feel free to ask for a free pamphalet on "Clinical Neuropsychology - A Guide for Patients and Their Families," or "Pediatric Neuropsychology - A Guide for Parents," depending on your specific needs.
Please also visit my blog at  http://drjudyhsieh.blogspot.com/
Dr. Judy Hsieh Neuropsychologist
(408) 973-1253