Dr. Judy Hsieh Neuropsychologist
Clinical Neuropsychology & Psychotherapy

Bilingual Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese
Recent Publication:

In Chinese
Judy Hsieh (April, 4, 2008), Understanding Dementia, World Journal

Hsieh, S.J. & Tori, C. D. (2007). Normative Data on Cross- Cultural Neuropsychological Tests Obtained from Mandarin- Speaking Adults Across the Life Span, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 22(4), 283


Although Mandarin is the world's most commonly spoken native language, normative data on neuropsychological tests for this population are limited. Therefore, samples of young (n = 142, M age = 35.77 years), middle-aged (n = 71, M age = 52.65), and elderly (n = 111, M age = 69.27) Mandarin speaking adults living in Beijing, China were given a battery of neuropsychological measures. The instruments selected for use were easily administered and had been validly used in other cultural settings (e.g., Trails A, Five Digit Test, Fuld Object-Memory Evaluation, Symbol Digit Modality Test (SDMT)). As expected, age and education where significantly related to neuropsychological performance. Gender, however, was a moderating variable only for the elderly group. In addition to their clinical applicability, findings are used to exemplify a particular multicultural assessment strategy.


Working with Asian Americans: A Guide for Clinicians, a book compiled by Dr. Evelyn Lee

Chapter 21: Neuropsychological Assessment of Monolingual Chinese-Speaking Patients

Book Publisher Comments:
An essential resource for mental health practitioners, this clinically oriented handbook illuminates the relationship between cultural and interpersonal issues in therapeutic work with Asian American clients. Drawing on both research and clinical practice, contributing authors describe the normative family dynamics and practices of a range of Asian American groups, address important developmental and life cycle issues, offer guidelines for understanding and treating specific disorders, and discuss the use of different therapeutic modalities within this diverse population. Special topics covered include language barriers in treatment, Asian Americans and PTSD, lesbian/gay and women's concerns, domestic violence, religion and spirituality, and intermarriage.

An essential resource for all mental health practitioners, this handbook addresses the specific issues that arise when working with Asian Americans in a clinical setting. Chapters cover the different Asian American family systems, developmental and life cycle issues, psychopharmacology, therapeutic issues with DSM-IV, and treatment modalities. The book features a section on special topics that include gay and lesbian issues, women, domestic violence, spiritualism, intermarriage, and more.

ISBN13: 9781572305700
ISBN10: 1572305703


Doctoral Thesis:

"The cognitive effects of Chinese language training in a sample of Chinese American children," California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley, 1991


Fluent in English, Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese

Professional Work Experiences:
Consulting Psychologist
May 2003 - Present, September 1998 - November 2000
San Francisco(until 2011)and Cupertino, CA
Condcut private practices in neuropsychological and psycho-diagnostic assessment and provide psychotherapy to monolingual and bilingual Chinese and Asian populations. Problem areas include: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, trauma, PTSD, learning disabilities, ADHD & workman’s compensation cases.

Visiting Professor
September 1995 - May 1998
Department of Psychology
Peking University, Beijing, China
Lectured master and doctoral levels graduate students on clinical issues in psychotherapy, psycho-diagnostic assessment and neuropsychological testing. Conducted several research projects on children, adults and geriatric population, and developed norms on several neuropsychological tests of monolingual Chinese population in China.

Clinical Psychologist
August 1995 - May 1998
International Medical Center of Beijing
Beijing, China
Provided consultation/ psycho-diagnostic assessment/ treatment to medical clinics, local schools, and ndividuals/ families.  Areas of interests: consultation and treatment on stress-related issues, differential diagnosis on childhood disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral/ psychiatric problems, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and treatment recommendations to children, parents, schools and adults.

Clinical Psychologist
September 1994 - December 1997
The Practice
Hong Kong
Clinical/forensic/neuropsychological assessment and psycho-diagnostic testing on geriatrics, adults and children. Areas of interests include issues relating to psychiatric and behavioral disorders, personal injury, brain damage claims, and competence to stand trial, mental status examinations, learning disability and ADHD.

General Psychotherapy -  consultation/counseling/treatment. Areas of interest include issues related to cultural adjustment, marital/family problems, alcohol and/or drug misuses, stress/anxiety, and emotional difficulties.

Employment Assistance Program (EAP) consultant - provided EAP support, consultation, executive training and development, mediation and facilitation, as well as individual occupational counseling. Corporate clients include American Express International Inc., ARCO Chemical, Amoco, Dow Chemical, Procter & Gamble, etc.

Consulting Psychologist
August 1993 - June 1994
San Francisco, CA
Neuropsychological assessment, psychosocial assessment, outpatient psychotherapy,
forensic psychology

Faculty Psychologist
March 1999 - October 2000
Asian Family Institute August 1993 - June 1994
San Francisco, CA
Neuropsychological and psycho diagnostic assessment to monolingual Chinese population and Asian population

Professional Membership:
American Psychological Association
National Academy of Neuropsychology
California Psychological Association
Northern California Neuropsychology Forum
Santa Clara County Psychological Association
Psychologists in Long Term Care

Professional Affiliation:
Outside Neuropsychological Evaluator, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
Clinical Neuropsychologist Consultant, Gentiva-Rehab Without Walls-Bay Area
Special Language Panel, San Francisco Mental Health Plan, Private Provider Network

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Alliance International University (formerly California School of Professional Psychology Berkeley/Alameda), San Francisco, California

Master of Social Work
Jane Adams School of Social Work
University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Licenses & Certifications:
Licensed Psychologist, State of California License # PSY 13477
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of California License, LCS 7862
Qualified Medical Evaluator, State of California, QME # 954168

Training/Internship/Post-doctoral Fellowship:
Trainings received include neuropsychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic assessment, and psychotherapy with an emphasis on health psychology and cross-cultural multi-ethnic interventions.

Geropsychology Fellow
July 2003 - July 2005
San Francisco Veteran’s Administration and Medical Center
Psychology Service Department
San Francisco, CA

Neuropsychology Fellow
June 1991 - June 1992
San Francisco Veteran’s Administration and Medical Center
Psychology Service Department
San Francisco, CA

Post-Doctoral Intern
September 1991 - June 1992
Richmond Area Multi-Services
San Francisco, CA

Psychology Intern
July 1990 - June 1991
San Francisco Veteran’s Administration and Medical Center
Psychology Services Department
San Francisco, CA

Psychology Intern
July 1989 - July 1990
Depression Clinic
San Francisco General Hospital
San Francisco, CA

Practicum Intern
September 1988 - June 1989
Psychological Services Center
Berkeley, CA

Professional Publications:
Hsieh, S.J. & Tori, C. D. (2007). Normative Data on Cross-Cultural Neuropsychological Tests Obtained from Mandarin-Speaking Adults Across the Life Span, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 22(4), 283.

Hsieh, S.J & Reed, L. (2005). Norms for the Draw-A-Person (DAP) Test for Chinese-Speaking Children, 25th annual conference,  National Academy of Neuropsychology, Tampa, Florida.

Walker, W.L., Drexler, M.L., Sedo, M.A., & Hsieh, J.S. (2004). Five Digit Test:  Research and Development of This Stroop Alternative, American Psychological Association, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Hsieh, S.J. & Riley, N. (1999). Maturation of Visuospatial Copying Ability: A Cross- Cultural Study, National Academy of Neuropsychology, San Antonio, TX.

Hsieh, S.J., Bo, X., & Riley, N. (1998). Peoples Republic of China: Neuropsychological Performance of Older, Well-Educated Adults, American Psychological Association. San Francisco, CA.

Hsieh, J. and Riley, N., (1997). Neuropsychological Performance in the People’s Republic of China: Age and Education Norms for Four Attention Tasks, National Academy of Neuropsychology, Las Vegas, NV.

Hsieh, J. & Riley, N. (1997). Normative Performance in the People’s Republic of China: Preliminary Data for Five Neuropsychological Tests, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 12(4), 340.

Hsieh, J. (1997). Neuropsychological Assessment of Monolingual Chinese-Speaking Patients. In E.Lee (Ed.), Asian-American Mental Health: A Clinical Handbook, (pp.342-353). New York: Guilford Press.

Hsieh, J. (1997). Maximizing Living in Beijing, Conference on Women & Children’s Healthcare, Fourth Anniversary of the International Medical Center-Beijing’s Service to the Expatriate Community, Beijing, China.

Hsieh, J. (1996-1997). Stress Management Seminars, Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd., Tianjin, China.

Hsieh, J. (1996). Stress Management Seminars, Beijing BISS International School, Beijing, China.

Hsieh, J. (1996). Systematic Training for Effective Parenting, the International School of Beijing, Beijing, China.

Hsieh, J. (1996). Ningbo Program/Orientation on Living Overseas, Dow Chemical, Hong Kong.

Hsieh, J. (1995). Cross Cultural Approach on Traumatic Stress Reaction: A Sequel to the 1995 Kobe Earthquake, The 53rd Annual International Councils of Psychologists Convention, Taipei, Taiwan.

Hsieh, J. (1995). Self-Esteem and Peer Pressure, French International School, Hong Kong.

Hsieh, J. (1995). Living With Affluence, Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong.

Hsieh, J. (1994). The Therapeutic Effects of Neuropsychological Evaluation on Monolingual Chinese-Speaking Patients in America, The Second International Conference of Psychotherapy for the Chinese, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Hsieh, J. (1994). Stress Management, Chinese Institute of Engineers/USA, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, 1994 Annual Winter conference, Santa Clara Marriott Hotel, Santa Clara, California

Hsieh, J. & Tori, C. (1993). Neuropsychological and Cognitive Effects of Chinese          Language Instruction, Perceptual and Motor Skills, 77, 1971-1081.

Hsieh, J. (1993). Intellectual Development of Children, East Bay Chinese School, Oakland, California.

Hsieh, J. (1991). The Cognitive Effects of Chinese Language Training in A Sample of Chinese-American Children, Dissertation Abstracts International, 52, 2074A.

Hsieh, J. (1991). Coping with Depression, Mental Health Series, Organization of Chinese American Women, Silicon Valley Chapter, San Jose, California.

Voluntary Work:
Treasurer: Northern California Neuropsychology Forum, 2004 - 2006
Volunteer Instructor: American Cancer Society, Northern California Chinese Unit, 2005 - present

Dr. Judy Hsieh is a licensed clinical psychologist with experiences in neuropsychological testing and psychotherapy. Brought up in Taiwan and educated in the United States, Dr. Judy Hsieh has worked with monoligual or bilingual Mandarin-speaking, Cantonese-speaking, and Chinese-speaking population in Hong Kong, Beijing, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and the general Bay Area/ northern California as well as those living in Los Angeles and southern California, and other states such as Oregon, Arkansas, Florida, etc. either in one of her offices, or at client's site.  The services provided by Dr. Judy Hsieh include neuropsychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic assessment, forensic psychological assessment, and outpatient psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families in areas such as educational evaluation, ADHD, learning disabilities, memory (dementia) problems.
Dr. Judy Hsieh Neuropsychologist
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