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Consulting Psychologist
1998 – Present
Conduct private practices in neuropsychological and psycho-diagnostic assessment and provide psychotherapy to monolingual and bilingual Chinese and Asian populations. Problem areas include: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, trauma, PTSD, learning disabilities, ADHD & TBI.
Visiting Professor
1995 - 1998
Department of Psychology
Peking University, Beijing, China
Lectured master and doctoral levels graduate students on clinical issues in psychotherapy, psycho-diagnostic assessment and neuropsychological testing. Conducted several research projects on children, adults and geriatric population, and developed norms on several neuropsychological tests of monolingual Chinese population in China.
Clinical Psychologist
1995 - 1998
International Medical Center of Beijing
Beijing, China
Provided consultation/ psycho-diagnostic assessment/ treatment to medical clinics, local schools, and individuals/ families. Areas of interests: consultation and treatment on stress-related issues, differential diagnosis on childhood disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral/ psychiatric problems, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and treatment recommendations to children, parents, schools and adults.
Clinical Psychologist
1994 - 1997
The Practice
Hong Kong
Clinical/forensic/neuropsychological assessment and psycho-diagnostic testing on geriatrics, adults and children. Areas of interests include issues relating to psychiatric and behavioral disorders, personal injury, brain damage claims, and competence to stand trial, mental status examinations, learning disability and ADHD.
General Psychotherapy - consultation/counseling/treatment. Areas of interest include issues related to cultural adjustment, marital/family problems, alcohol and/or drug misuses, stress/anxiety, and emotional difficulties.
Employment Assistance Program (EAP) consultant - provided EAP support, consultation, executive training and development, mediation and facilitation, as well as individual occupational counseling. Corporate clients include American Express International Inc., ARCO Chemical, Amoco, Dow Chemical, Procter & Gamble, etc.
Consulting Psychologist
1993 - 1994
San Francisco, CA
Neuropsychological assessment, psychosocial assessment, outpatient psychotherapy,  forensic psychology


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Alliance International University (formerly California School of Professional Psychology Berkeley/Alameda), San Francisco, California
Licensed Psychologist, State of California License # PSY 13477


Trainings received include neuropsychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic assessment, and psychotherapy with an emphasis on health psychology and cross-cultural multi-ethnic interventions.
Geropsychology Fellow
San Francisco Veteran’s Administration and Medical Center
Psychology Service Department
San Francisco, CA
Neuropsychology Fellow
San Francisco Veteran’s Administration and Medical Center
Psychology Service Department
San Francisco, CA


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