Dr. Judy Hsieh Neuropsychologist
Clinical Neuropsychology & Psychotherapy

Bilingual Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese
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Dr. Judy Hsieh has practiced clinical psychology in the United States, Hong Kong and China.

Ethnic groups served include Chinese (monolingual and bilinguals), Asians, Europeans, Australians, and Americans.

Services provided include neuropsychological assessment, psycho-diagnostic assessment, forensic psychological assessment, and outpatient psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. 

Population served includes children, adolescents, adults and geriatrics.

While most of the services are provided face-to-face, Dr. Judy Hsieh may also provide services via telephone, or at client's site anywhere in the world.
Dr. Judy Hsieh Neuropsychologist
(408) 973-1253